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Development Of Next Generation Quantitative Ultrasound And Elastography Imaging Methods

Guy Cloutier, Ph.D.
Noninvasive vascular elastography (NIVE) using quantitative ultrasound provides time-varying images of vessel wall axial and lateral translations, axial strain, and shear strain overlaid on B-mode images for mechanical tissue characterization. Using mechanical shear wave imaging, we study the viscoelasticity of various organs, tissues, and cells based on the analysis of the shear wave velocity and attenuation. The presentation will include a) recent developments and clinical validations of vascular strain elastography for carotid artery wall and plaque mechanical characterization, b) achievements made in the field of in situ imaging of red blood cell aggregation within blood vessels to monitor the state of inflammation, c) shear wave elasticity imaging of single oocytes and macrophages will be documented, and d) a brief overview of recent accomplishments on shear wave attenuation imaging and compression wave attenuation imaging to grade the severity of liver steatosis and liver cancer will complete the presentation.