Biomedical Engineering


Ravi Birla, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office Location: SERC 2005
Phone: 713-743-8861
Email: rkbirla [at] uh [dot] edu

Associate Professor Ravi Birla joined the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the fall of 2011. He earned his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 2004. He is a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society and the Tissue Engineering International & Regenerative Medicine Society.

Awards and Honors: 

Outstanding Research Award, Khait L, Birla RK. “Molecular Profiling of Bioengineering Heart Muscle,” 19th Annual Moses Gunn Research Conference, University of Michigan, 2007.

Research Interests: 

Birla’s research focuses on the creation of 3D cardiovascular constructs, including bioengineering 3D cardiac patches, using stem cells to support the formation of cardiovascular tissue construct, developing cell based cardiac pumps, and developing scaffold-free technology to support 3D heart muscle formation.

Selected Publications: 

Birla RK, Dhawan V, Dow D, Huang YC, Brown DL “Cardiac Cells Implanted into a Cylindrical, Vascularized Chamber in vivo: Pressure Generation and Morphology”. Biotechnology Letters, 31(2), 191-201, 2009.